When God Speaks Through the Preacher at Sonrise Service

9 thoughts on “When God Speaks Through the Preacher at Sonrise Service”

  1. My dear Julie, what a beautiful Easter day for you. Your prayer is my prayer. Your thoughts seems to be my thoughts. This morning I intentionally made myself “stay longer” in my prayer time. To tell him how sorry I am when I let him down. And that without him I’d be nothing. Like you said, I’m no better than anyone else. And I can’t believe how far he’s brought me. I had some house issues again. It was starting to feel frustrating. Had I bought a money pit? I almost felt despair because every time I turn around I’m paying to fix things. And I think of Jesus…how he PAID it ALL. He took care of the biggest debt I owed. And I just have to let go and give it all to him. And trust. Just as he promised. I watched the entire first season of The Chosen. It’s been a refreshing look at the Gospels. Season two began with its premiere on Easter night. It’s free on YouTube and it has its own app you can cast to your TV. I think you’d enjoy it sister. I’m praying for you, patience, the puppy, and your family. God bless you my precious friend. Love and blessings! He’s got us!

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    1. Dear sweet Karla, how was your family visit? I am sorry to hear about the multiple fixes but what an amazing prayer time you must have had! To remember His payment of our debt in full. Yes, we can start new each day, even each moment with Him. Thank you for coming alongside me and my creaky knees bending at the Cross. Thank you so much for telling me about Chosen! We have Season 1. I am waiting to watch first of Season 2 with my husband. I am praying for you, your book series, your peace and wholeness in Christ. Love and blessings coming at you from PA, Julie

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      1. Our family visit was beautiful, Julie. I do miss my sons and their families so so much. It hurts and then I remember God has them. And I will see them all next month! Yes, let’s bend our achy joints together always at the foot of the cross. That made me smile. Thank you for being a prayer warrior and sister in Christ. ❤️💛🙏🏻

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  2. I always love it when God moves us to a place where He wants us to be so we can partake in the blessing He wants to give us. Thank you for that wonderful reminder to respond to His urging my friend. God’s blessings.

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    1. Thank you for being here with me to listen and to sharpen iron, J.D. What a wonderful perspective, that “He puts us where He wants us so we can partake in the blessing He wants to give us”. Blessings asked from Him to send to you and your wife and all the animals of the farm.


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