Keeping Our Eyes Fixed

12 thoughts on “Keeping Our Eyes Fixed”

  1. My dear Julie, how I needed your post today. I’m standing with you; gazing at Jesus (yes, like The Chosen I long to hug Jesus :). For many reasons this season is so busy. My plate is not as full as yours sweet friend. He’s with us during dinner, puppy times, and praise times! Today I went to sign up to volunteer with our area special
    needs Daycare. I’ve been asked to be on a 5 member advisory board for our County’s Disability Board, and I reached out to a huge Corporate Sponsor to possibly sponsor me with my kids’ series. My heart has a women’s devotional begging to come out of me. My kids are HOME through mid-June. Oh, my heart is full. Jesus has so much for us to do for him while we’re passing through. My paradise on Earth is like yours~sitting on his lap and admiring and thanking him for his creations. Thank you for your incredible witness and faith. I will turn my eyes upon him always. Your poem was absolutely beautiful. I’m sending prayers for strength, perseverance, grit, comfort, peace, fun, and rest. I love you sister. 💚❤️💜💕🙏🏻

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    1. Dear sister, God is moving in a mighty way! I thank Him and praise Him for wonderful He made you. Be careful to take time to refresh in Him sister. Love this: “Jesus has so much for to do for Him while we are passing through”. Love you too, Karla. Praying for Holy Spirit to guide and direct your steps just as He did so faithfully during Paul’s ministry in the book of Acts. Say hi to Finn from our over-zealous Rocko.

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  2. Thank you Lord for your message through your servant Julie. Thank you Julie for taking the time to uplift us with words God has given you to share with us. Help me Lord to see you in every thing I do and always do it for your kingdom.

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  3. Good point: There is a difference between fixing and healing. We do the fixing, God does the healing / new life. We are to work out our own salvation (Philippians 2.12).
    And, I love this: “The beauty of our faith is that we didn’t create it, He did.”

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