God Knows What is to Come

11 thoughts on “God Knows What is to Come”

  1. Great post, Julie.

    We could save ourselves much worry if we refused to dwell on ‘what if’ ,
    and focused instead on ‘what is’ , and ‘what is’ is that God loves us and causes everything to work for good for his beloved children. 🤗

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  2. Anointed. Just as God brought a flailing, squalling infant I once held to mind tonight…reminding me of all my (vain) efforts to comfort her…and then, as if by holy intervention, my untrained-yet-maternal-instinct-intact mind thought to press the child into me…firmly. To hold her flailing little head firmly to my shoulder (airway always considered) and her little chest squished into mine. And then there was – after hours of otherwise – peace. And rest. And today, at 50-something, I am that flailing, why-obsessed child…squalling inside. And I will only be at rest when God FIRMLY holds me to His chest and His shoulder…disallowing my incessant head-flailing…neck arching. And as much as it suits me not to comply, it is suddenly comforting to submit. And submit, I will. Because His example was experienced. Over 15 years ago, but cemented into my mind. He was there that night. He knew, as I unsuccessfully walked and sang to and bounced and patted and rocked that miserable little girl…that fifteen years in the future, He would use that experience to make Himself real to me…in a way I cannot deny or dismiss…in a way that is NOT vague or foggy or difficult to grasp. He knew. And I had no idea. And here you are. REINFORCING that. And He orchestrated that, too. Because that’s what He does. Oh, Abba…why are we so bullheaded and shortsighted? Help us to learn and HOLD ON TO these lessons so that we can grow in You. So that we can submit to and seek You as easily as we blink or breathe. Thank You, Abba…for Your omniscience, Your omnipresence, Your might and, most of all, Your love. Thank You for anointed reminders and anointed ministers (Miss Julie Dee)…in Jesus’ name…amen.

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    1. Praising Him for all things here Angie. I pray in His new mercies today you were able to surrender and submit. Thank you for sharing such a powerful example of His teaching, that He is our Abba, being more than able to hold us close in times of mental and physical disarray. I prayed this prayer with you, sister.


  3. Julie, thank your for sharing this post.
    “Our plans are in vain, unless we are acting in accordance with His will guided by the Holy Spirit.” Such a powerful statement!
    May I, also, be mindful to ask the Lord to order my steps each new day.
    God bless you.

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