Mountain Vacation Part 2 of 2

14 thoughts on “Mountain Vacation Part 2 of 2”

      1. Oh Julie,
        Thank you for reminding me of all these things of beauty from our Father.
        I love to read your writings. I felt as though I was there, but most of all could feel Gods perfectness reflected in your words. Tears came as I read and couldn’t stop. Thank you from a tired warrior feeling tattered and worn from a week of many burdens. I am going to the mountains of Asheville this week end! Alone as usual but Ofcourse not entirely alone, our Father will hold my hand and guide me as He always does!
        Love you Julie and cannot wait to meet you!
        May God continue to bring you Joy in many different ways today!! Amen

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      2. Love you dear Rhonda. I am praying God surrounds you in His love and grace, wrapping you in a gentle breeze, whispering to your soul how you are His chosen forever, how He has plans for you even now. En-JOY the mountains. I would love to meet you there sometime for retreat. Love, Julie


  1. Love how you share your family time with us!

    The pics of your family were so good! The family unit always benefits from away time together! Our beach time was long awaited and ended all too quickly! I savored every moment watching my daughter with her 3 sons, and remembering it was only yesterday my 3 were digging sand and building castles. Time flies, so we have to treasure each day!

    Tim did well and enjoyed the family. I was blessed.

    Coming home he began to fret over his license, and in the mail was notification he has til July 3rd to resend forms to appeal revocation…oh my! My heart dropped, but the Lord has assured me HE is in control of all authority and this is in His hands now.

    Please continue to pray for our marriage as we walk this new journey. The Lord is Always good and provides everything we need! I walk by faith, and not by sight! Love you, sister, Debbie

    On Thu, Jun 17, 2021, 9:38 PM Julie Dibble, Speaker and Author wrote:

    > juliedibblewrites posted: ” I don’t know what has been worse these last > several months: watching Jackson as he endured tests, diagnoses and surgery > or watching Braedon finish another year of school without one single > friend. Then there have been days my husband comes home from w” >


  2. Thank you for sharing your precious vacation with us! And what an amazing confirmation from the Lord that was waiting for you when you returned! God is so good to keep us looking up to Him. I am so grateful that He is at work in the hearts of your boys. May He continue to provide everything they need to grow in His grace.

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  3. Oh, the stars! The sky, with all its changes and colors and glory! The moon. God brings a thrilling peace to my heart with the sky.
    This: “unity does not mean we always think and act alike.” I love that. The unlimited facets of the Holy Spirit are only partially manifested among men.
    Family time: we are on our way to a week-long family reunion in the mountains. I love my family. 😁

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