Sometimes I Just Can’t, and That is OK

7 thoughts on “Sometimes I Just Can’t, and That is OK”

  1. Hi Julie – This is a very tender post.
    I’ve been thinking these same thoughts too.
    I avoid, whenever possible, beginning any sentence with : ‘You should…’.
    Also I avoid the expression: ‘ Why don’t you….?’.

    I find that by avoiding these two expressions, my relationships become more positive….especially my relationship with myself. 🤗

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    1. Thank you so much Sally for coming alongside me and sharing what you have learned. I am thankful God is not done working in either of us. I believe I hid these feelings for a long time, so it was time to confess to Him and to my faith brothers and sisters.

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  2. Julie, I am learning too, that I just can’t do a lot of things, and yes, it is okay. I went off Facebook and now only there very scarce, You do you, and God will do God in your life. He can and will be God when you can’t. Prayers for you.

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