Numb Prayers

14 thoughts on “Numb Prayers”

  1. Oh Dear Julie, you know that I understand those feelings all too well. I am praying tonight that the same intercession and comfort of the Lord that you shared with me, before & after treatments, will overflow to you now too. May you feel His arms around your dear family tonight. Love and prayers for you!

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    1. Thank you so much sister. Yesterday was overload and a huge reality check that Jackson is not going to be free of Crohns until God heals him here or takes him home. I know you are intimately familiar with this journey. I sending you a hug and thanking God that you and Barry are nestled in with family❤Love, Julie

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  2. My dear sweet friend, Julie,…I’ve cried with you reading this post. Jackson is in my prayers DAILY. I do not know much about biologics, but I’m interested. We are having some family health issues and I can relate to the overwhelmingness of the news. We are human. And yes, Jesus Christ is our ROCK. And once we allow our humanness to emtpy, we can fill back up in the promise that HE will never leave nor forsake us. May God be with all of you and I pray for complete healing for Jackson. God has the plan. His healing plan is different than ours. So I go on to pray peace and joy for Jackson. His pain is NOT WASTED-just as Jesus. You will both use this pain as testimony of you faith and to provide comfort for others going through the same thing. I love you my sister. ❤🤍

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    1. Love all of what you wrote to me sister. Pain is not wasted. Yes, Lord, You have plans for this young man you created. I will be praying for you and your family’s health. May Our Wise King bless you with lighting the path to healing and wholeness. Signed, a tired but alert mom. No wall is too big, no side effect too much for Our Jesus. I love you too.

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  3. Julie, so many of our challenges bring us back to prayer. One of my Ohio daughters has been dealing with MS for a number of years. She has benefited from infusion treatments. Keeping Jackson in my prayers and thoughts. May God continue to guide His journey.


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