What does Revival mean to you?

10 thoughts on “What does Revival mean to you?”

  1. Thanks for this post, Julie.
    I can appreciate your concern for Jason’s work.

    The Catholic Mass always includes the Penitential Rite, in which worshippers together declare their sins before God, and ask for forgiveness.
    As you say, worshippers sometimes sit in churches without realizing that we all have a need for forgiveness.

    A wonder if there will be a revival. I don’t see people returning to the Lord in significant numbers. ( At least, that we can see).

    Obviously God desires that none perish, but as for whether a revival will come in America is unknown to us.
    Nevertheless, we continue to pray in unity, for repentance and revival .

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    1. Hi Sally, thank you so much for teaching me about Penitential Rite. In the denomination I am currently in, there is no built in structure for repentance. God is just now helping me see how much that is needed, not just for “everyone else” but myself too. I am with you to continue to pray. In less than a week, our 4 night Revival service begins. I sense I will blog during and/or after to tell the blogger verse about God’s wonderful deeds. Pray on, sister.

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      1. Yes, Julie, I will pray for the Revival service, and I will especially pray that more and more churches will hold revival services. Such services are greatly pleasing to the Lord, and He will bless them. πŸ€—πŸŒ·

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  2. Excellent point, Julie! Yes, we must preach about repentance in our churches, make time and opportunity for recognition of sin, confession, and repentance in our weekly services. I don’t think this is emphasized enough in our churches. Yes, Jesus is love, but as that loves brings us to Him, we must face our sin and repent.

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  3. When I hear Revival, I think of an awakening in the hearts of believers and nonbelievers. Christ is waiting at the door, beckoning us to come in, and calling us to set aside our burdens in order to sincerely hear the Word. I attended Lutheran church for over 20 years, and I welcomed the opportunity to come to the Lord each Sunday with repentance in our hearts and seeking the Lord’s forgiveness. As you have written Julie, we can include repentance in our daily prayer life.


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