When the Dr ( well, Jesus) says Rest

9 thoughts on “When the Dr ( well, Jesus) says Rest”

  1. Amen, Sis-Roomie.

    There is no rush in rest. Amen

    Isaiah 43:1-3.

    Whole, Secure, and Free in Christ, Sandra

    Sandra Allen Lovelace Transformation Coach • Trauma-informed

    Tired of the overwhelm? Come be a #FreedomWalker. Find me at Sandra Allen Lovelace Reach out to SandraAllenLovelace@gmail.com

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  2. Sister, I stand with you and affirm/join your prayer! I’m so sorry for all you have felt during these busy times. Happy birthday, Jackson. There’s no “rush in rest”. I was tested for Covid in August. It was negative. I got worse and ended up having a terrible sinus infection (if it isn’t Covid then you’re not sick?). Our lives are still circulating around many viruses. And the Son indeed has healing power! I thank God for this precious doctor and pray specifically for continued healing, hope, and hoorays! Love you sister! ❤️🤗🙏🏻

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  3. What a great analogy! Yes, sin is slippery and it slithers in through the tiniest of spaces. Yet another reminder of how vital it is that we know the Word for ourselves — and stay in step with the Holy Spirit so that we remain sensitive to His promptings. I hope you’re feeling much better, Julie. 🙂

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    1. Hi Richard! I am so thankful to know He is using me here. May I continue to be a free vessel for His truth and love. No rush in rest. Slowing my roll today after work this morning. Going to take puppy to the park for a Fall walk 🙂


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