Pleasant View Farm Bed and Breakfast Inn: Our Local Getaway

10 thoughts on “Pleasant View Farm Bed and Breakfast Inn: Our Local Getaway”

  1. My dear sister, what a beautiful place and wonderful owners! I’m so happy you were both able to enjoy the serenity and peace this place has to offer. I loved your words about God giving us amnesia about our past sins. I had never thought of it like that. Please thank Jason for his service. And thank you for the testimony you provide all the time on your journey with Christ. You are encouragement and simply loved! God bless you and yours! I love you, sister!

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    1. Thank you dear Karla. I receive this encouragement and am tucking it my heart. I will thank Jason for his service from you! Thank YOU! May God lead you and Finn to many coffee dates and talks with those who need Jesus✝️love you too

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  2. Such a blessed place to be! Wonderful for the two of you. My wife and I have found a favorite place in northeastern Ohio, which provides its warmth and charm in a small village. Time just seems to stand still when in God’s presence. Blessings Julie to you and your family.


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