The Coming of Christ

12 thoughts on “The Coming of Christ”

  1. The Cross is not far from the Manger. We need both to taste His amazing goodness and humble sacrifice. The Manger is not far from the tomb, for both revealed new life.
    My how this words speak to me! Thank you!

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  2. Thanks for your honesty, Julie. The Lord always blesses me when I read what you have written. I will be praying for you to keep your eyes fixed on Him and if you would pray for me in the same way, I would appreciate it.
    The Holy Spirit is using you mightily for the glory of Jesus Christ.
    Love, Lori


  3. Good morning sweet friend. For what it’s worth, I, too, find distraction to be a potent tool the enemy uses to impair intimacy with the Lover of my soul. You are not alone. Take heart, love. God has revealed this to us. Now we know what’s being lobbed at us, we can recognize it and respond well. Little is much in Jesus’ hands. May we shamelessly hand him our little fishes/couple loaves of time and watch as He miraculously multiplies them. I’ll walk there with you…please? 💜😊

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  4. Dear Julie, God bless you as you walk closely with Him. For He is ever close to you, within and without you. You are constantly abiding in Him, even though it doesn’t FEEL that way all the time. You always know He’s right there with you – you just know that you KNOW. He ever invites you to grab onto His peace and joy, always He has open arms.
    Thank you for sharing His love.

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  5. Julie, my sister, I understand completely what you wrote. I hear your heart. “The Cross is not far from the Manger. We need both to taste His amazing goodness and humble sacrifice. The Manger is not far from the tomb, for both revealed new life.”-this is beautiful my friend. Holidays without my sons and their families are hard. I count my blessings daily. When I awake I grab my coffee and go to my Lord ready to read, meditate, pray, follow, and obey. I had several personal health issues (from my gene mutation, brain injury, and other things–I remember that others have it worse!) that try to keep me down. And struggles with my Father’s personal health crisis. He is an overcomer, too! In all of this, and our broken world, I rejoice in what our SAVIOR has done for you, me, and everyone. I cry at his feet. I sit in my Father’s lap for comfort. I run to him. And when things become obstacles on the path to him I pray more and lean on my faithful friends, such as you. I stand with you. I cry with you. I pray with you. You are loved my friend. And with Christ at the center of our lives we can continue the work for his glory! Sending love, hugs, and prayers daily. Your sister in Christ, Karla

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    1. Good morning dear Karla, May Our Mighty Lord be with you today as you slow your roll and receive His wonderful presence. I am with you too. Praying, loving, wanting a real-time hug! Always sisters in Him who reigns forever, Julie

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      1. Thank you my dear sister. I spent the night with my parents and my niece and it was so precious. I’m needing to slow that roll and I know the Lord is with me as he is every day. I must declutter and detach from distraction. I want a real~time hug too! I’m standing with you in prayer and expecting wonderful works of our Heavenly Father for all of us. I love you sister. 💛❤️😘

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  6. Julie, thanks for sharing this message of reconnection with the Lord. Advent remains one of my most favorite seasons on the calendar. The winter days grow ever shorter, but I always feel a greater presence with His peace. Blessings to you and your family.


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