Whispers of Bethlehem

17 thoughts on “Whispers of Bethlehem”

  1. God’s Word is always rich in comfort, wisdom, and peace. He speaks to us in Love. This advent season, may we pray for that extra richness as we read Him, meditate upon His Words, and ingest them into our souls. May we be comforted as His Spirit permeates our being.

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  2. When I read your post this morning, I was unable to focus – the day’s responsibilities swirling about my head like flies (the enemy). But now – at the end of the day – I am able to linger with you and read more peacefully. I’m glad I returned. Thanks girlfriend : )

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  3. In my walk with you and others to the stable I am listening. Father, I long to hear your whispers. Declutter my soul and block out distractions to hear these beautiful whispers. This is beautiful my sister. 💛❤️🙏🏻


  4. A beautiful, and timely, reminder to put Christ first and foremost, and He will add other blessings to us! If i begin my day seeking, praising and glorifying Him, He always goes before me and paves the path for my day!! Praise Him!


      1. Amen, Julie! I’m lifting you in prayers, sister as the deadline nears. Love, hugs, peace, and perseverance ~We stand with you. ❤️🙏🏻

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