A Moment of Nothing

4 thoughts on “A Moment of Nothing”

  1. So beautifully shared, my friend. Nothing is new and nothing is thwarted with God. Praise HIM! And those moments in “nothing” my heart and soul always drift to him. I give no regard or opinion to that which I stare into…an abyss of nothing important anymore than the love of Christ. I stand with you in prayers and thanksgiving. Thank you for your friendship and fellow journey. Love, Karla

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    1. So thankful He spoke to you here, as it seems you understand this transcendent moment well. Praise God for all things, for He is mighty to save. Praying for you tonight. Just heard of another local family (single mom one teen) who have Covid. Lord, please, just please Lord come soon. Rest in Him my friend and sister, standing and walking with you. Love, Julie


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