How Comfortable are we with sin?

16 thoughts on “How Comfortable are we with sin?”

  1. Praying with you that Braedon find the place God wants him to be. The word “Christian” has been so watered down. I thank God your son desires the Lord. Jesus said to pray “deliver us from evil”, not from situations or people. How Great that you heard someone take a stand for righteousness and walk out the door.

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  2. I’ll never understand, other than we know according to the Word, that these “days and it’s issues” have been foretold. It is so discouraging to see public “Christian” places caving into the complacency rather than upholding standards. Sadly, we know that money can be the reasons why. I believe there are Christ followers feeling helpless based on decisions in their work places because of the power of greed and allowing non-Christian values dictating decisions. I was starting to see it in my educational career and there were things I just could no longer stand beside. Yes, love the dinner, hate the sin,…but don’t encourage the sin and open up a playing field for the devil’s desires! My son attended a very strict Christian college~College of the Ozark’s~in Branson, MO. It’s one of the top rated private colleges in the nation. Young people will be faced with many adult decisions that simply I have to pray God’s direction over them, but at least this college truly offered what it claimed. What a dicey world we live in! We need you Jesus!! God, we know there’s a place for Braedon! 💛💜🙏🏻


    1. Oh my daughter attended College of the Ozarks! What a wonderful school. My daughter worked in the restaurant there while studying to be a pediatric nurse. She loved attending there.
      As a single parent, I was very grateful for Gods Blessing.

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  3. I’m so sorry you and Brandon had this experience. It has long been an unwritten truth among Christian circles that Bible schools and Christian colleges are often a worse place to send a child than a regular college. Partly because Astor’s and Christians send their rebellious kids there thinking it will “straighten them out” and partly because of the complacency you spoke about, and even Satan’s theology masked as “open minded thinking”.

    Karen Hogue 843-419-7343

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    1. Sister, thank you for your encouragement. Braedon has two schools that appear upon our day long visits appear to be walking the faith they write about on their website. Did your cell change? Need to make sure I have the right one. Love, Julie


  4. Oh Dear Julie! What an adventure! Glad your son listened to his heart and asked to leave. It was an exposure to the reality of our changing world! ( Dear Lord, thank you for keeping our senses keen to the scheming plot of the enemy). I am sad to hear that a Christian school is allowing this? The school administrators are not obeying Jesus and the truth! They are openly allowing sin. Sin brought out in the open, into the light, is still sin😫🥲.
    Your week end adventure brings my mind to my job Julie. As a hospice nurse while in Franklin, TN, my company hired a male hospice nurse to our team December of 2020. He is great! Turns out he is married to one of our part time nurses. He is such a great guy, a wonderful nurse. He and I became good friends and started working together on week ends, an on call position, early Nov. of 2021. God spoke over me and told me He wanted to show (John) how to trust him, so I was open about my faith with John and prayed openly with John. John was brought to tears that God was touching his heart and John was over whelmed! One afternoon while talking with John on the phone, he told me that he was actually a girl who was undergoing a sex change!!!!! I couldn’t believe it!! I was shocked that I was deceived, But oddly enough, I still loved him like Jesus. Even though! I asked Jesus immediately, “what do I do with this news Lord”?
    Later, Jesus introduced to me to a speaker from “Focus on the Family” through a sermon, This speaker had been a girl and wanted her whole life to be a boy, and even during a sex change God faithfully pursued her and won her heart, and she was welcomed back into the church as a girl! How wonderful!! But, now there is John… what do I do Lord? How do I lovingly approach him/her?? God also showed me that even though John wants to be a man, it is a sin for me to call him a guy, even though, I had met him and known him/her as a man! I did not/could not judge, but felt God wanted me to talk with John/Charity about his sin😞🥲! But how do I do that Lord?? I was so weak and failed. My brother passed a few weeks later in Dec, COVID happened mid January, I had decided in late November to buy a house and move away, so I was totally consumed with that… many excuses! So many excuses not to have a conversation about God with John, his sin, deceit, changing herself, not trusting Jesus!! Her name is Charity!! I failed. I moved away March 8, and my heart still sinks when I think of Charity. Married to a woman and they have a son!! Gulp!! I want so much to go back and talk to Charity!! I want to obey our Father! I ask myself: “was I only planting seeds of the Lord, now this couple prays to Jesus daily! they want to join a church! But they are deceiving😫🥹😕😞! Oh the weight of this on my heart! Julie, I will text you my new phone number, I had to change it due to too many spam calls and texts. I would really love to talk to you concerning this. Thank you dear Julie for emailing me your blog! Oh I most certainly miss you!!

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