A Daughter without a Mom

8 thoughts on “A Daughter without a Mom”

  1. I love this Julie! I love the passage….”He always knew he would lift me from the blackness❤️!
    It makes me sad, but oh what Joy in Heaven when there will be no more sadness and no more tears.
    I pray for my mom who’s body is giving out, I pray her heart will fully surrender to our King❤️ I want to know my mom full of life and full of Joy, not broken, not bitter, not angry, not condemning. I pray she will experience the breathtaking love of our Father! It’s like none other. Love you Julie!

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    1. Dearest Rhonda, I am standing with you in the gap between heaven and hell that your mom receive Jesus as her Lord and Savior! This weekend is hard for us and many, but God is stronger and bigger and Lord of All!


  2. What a poem of compassion and empathy! Some have moms who are gone now. Some have moms who never were there, whether in spirit or in body. God puts those holes in our hearts so that He can fill them.
    Thank you, Julie, and bless you.

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    1. Thank you for the blessing dear Kathy. Holy Spirit spoke this so that other daughters without moms were not alone or forsaken, even if they were so by their earthly moms. May God bless you with family time this weekend sister.

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  3. My dear sister, I could not go on with my day until I could read this. I had it bookmarked. Your words are so beautiful and full of truth. It is filled with love, compassion, and understanding. My relationship with my own mom was rough for many years. Not all of my memories have been good. BUT GOD IS GOOD. He restored the times that I had doubt; replaced it with discernment for me to see a bigger picture that only HE could see. And for the last 10 years it has grown. To all mothers, you, and so many, and to those who no longer have their earthly moms, I send my prayers and love. It is truly only God that can fill any void we may have due to earthly relationships unfulfilled. Thank you for being you and offering your love, support, and compassion. May this Mother’s Day be your best yet. You are so precious in his sight and to your family and friends. I love you dearly.

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    1. Power restored in only the way He can! It has been storming for hours on end since yesterday, but His hand finally stilled the torrents and wind. My dear sister, only God knew your relationship with mom had a rough patch. Holy Spirit wanted all daughters to know He is here to hug them even in the lacks and gaps of our earthly ,mothers. It was a long healing journey to forgive my mom, roughly twenty years after her death. Praise God, for His work is never done! Mother’s Day is still bittersweet in many ways for me. Jason works all weekend so he deemed this coming Friday as Mother’s Day in the Dibble house. Now to you, my sister and friend, I praise God your son made it to Germany, What is his purpose there (if it is known)? Also, your illness has left, His Son is upon you, lighting a new fire inside your soul, more given, so more may pour out at the given time. Love you and cannot wait to hug you in person. In His name and honor, Julie


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