A Breeze from Morning til Night

12 thoughts on “A Breeze from Morning til Night”

  1. I’m sorry you’ve been struggling. I also suffer from depression and will be praying for you. Thank you for our dinner walk together. It felt that personal. Love you, friend!

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    1. Dearest Cathy, I remember that you too have depression as I have prayed for you in various seasons. This slump is my Jackson, not myself at the moment. He is struggling in faith, in darkness. Thank you so much for praying for our Dibble family. We are going one day and one prayer at a time,.


  2. I love all those plants that God gives us – so many are for our healing, whether we just look and smell, or if we apply as remedies.
    This has been a week of miracles in our neck of the woods. Nothing worthy of the national news; but amazing blessings for which we are grateful. God is working all the time, of course, but I love it when He gives us special glimpses.

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  3. Julie, my heart is heavy with you. I pray, not knowing the whole of the circumstances, for your son to be healed and touched by the Shalom of God and His fullness of life overtake him in every way. God bless you!

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  4. I drank His blessed weather in, too, Julie.

    I stood putting clothes on the line, my bare feet in the grass – grounding any “static” I might have carried.

    The local virtuoso (a beloved mockingbird who blissfully ‘lords’ over my home each time the warm weather returns) sang his unending (I’ve heard him in the middle of the night!), never boring, litany of tunes, announcing his territorial claim to all others, thank You!

    I imagine God ordained him as the choir director among my feathered friends.

    The breeze…blissfully just right…created neither goosebumps nor glistening…but instead…pleasure. Awareness of His presence.

    And it didn’t stop.

    The bowl always show up at the bottom of the ice cream. The loved one’s hands tire of massaging the sore muscles. The butterfly flits away…the sunset fades. But this treasure continued.

    And it was fresh. It smelled as good as it felt. It generously left its fragrance on my clothes.

    The sky was an impressive blue. The clouds were peaceful and soft. And few.

    The sun warmed, but it was also “just right”. The kind of warmth that removes an ache. In my soul.

    And I had a thought…then a question. For it felt like a holy thing to me. “God,” I asked, feeling quite little-girl-like, “is this what heaven’s like?”

    And I added, as only my demanding-little-girl-self could, “Is it?”

    And I think the answer – at least in part – was, “Yes.”

    And I think it was said with a smile and crinkled corners of His eyes.

    And I smiled back. On my face and in my heart.

    As only a delighted-with-her-Abba little girl can do.

    Thanks for sharing, sister. We are His. I’m so grateful.

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  5. Julie, praying especially for Jackson. One of my older grandchildren has been facing his own personal darkness for several months. Lifting words to the Lord to surround these two young men with patience and guidance.


  6. I join you in trusting God. Julie, your words pierced my soul. I was walking with you, filling the breeze and breath of Jesus, entering the New Jerusalem, letting go of that which he could carry through the wind and only wrap me in the beautiful flowers and landscapes. I’ve suffered from depression in my life. There was a time I felt no reason to live. I remember being at the rock bottom and hearing the voice of hope~of my Savior. May our Good Shepherd cradle you always~through the ups and downs. We are here for you, sister. We understand. Our Heavenly Father understands. I’m struggling not being able to get out as much in nature. And wouldn’t you know it? Just like HE does, he brought it to my little deck and home through a deer, the clouds, the fireflies, my little Woodchuck friend, Chuck (I had to name it). God, we need you and love you. Please wrap our sister Julie in your love and our love. 💛❤️💕💚


  7. It’s Wednesday morning here, good morning Julie as I’m just now seeing this , 2 months have passed since you wrote this. So now it is only a few days away from your revival on the hill! Oh how disappointed I am that I cannot make it this year. My heart will certainly be with you!! I will pray the Holy Spirit will be as present as your heaven sent breeze❤️!! Generational curses I have been loosed from are ever present in my mother, my daughter and my grandson, it is so hard to watch the control, the anxiety and the victim spirit, the pleaser, all the yuck a muck that I have been healed of is still ever present in them, I pray, I cry, I seek, knowing that Jesus Christ has the very best plan over their lives. He made us all and yes, like you said Julie…knows every hair on our heads. Our human hearts of anguish want healing now Lord, and why Lord? But He calms my soul and my heart because His word is true, He has walked before us, He knows what is going to happen and His unending Mercies and Grace cover us fully. Thank you my mighty King! For you are the Power and the Glory of our universe and I trust you fully!! Sword up my friend. I love you and miss you. I am praying!!


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