Depression: A Season not an Event

14 thoughts on “Depression: A Season not an Event”

  1. I am praying for Jackson and for you. Praying the season ends soon. I too, am in a season. Separated from family for a while. God is doing a deep work. Our ‘seasons’ are for others and for His glory. He hears our yaps and continues to rejoice over us with singing (Lamentations 3)
    Hang on to Him Julie!!

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  2. You and your loved ones are in my prayers, dear Julie. I have walked that road with each of my children, and then in my own heart too, when chronic illness & its medications overtook me. Our God is so very present. Truly He is the One we cling to! May He shower you with His mercy today.

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    1. Dearest Bettie, thank you for praying into our season of struggle that you know intimately well. We need to know, or maybe I specifically need to know, other see us in this suffering. That alone is a comfort above what Jesus provides. Sending my love and hugs your way, dear sister.

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  3. Julie, thanks for so much insight into an area I haven’t had to travel directly. Most people do have to deal with affliction in some form and learning to be patient is very difficult. It hurts, the end is not known and the time seems unending. Help us Lord to let You be the One who fixes situations and fixes hearts. We thank You Lord for the ability You have given Julie to write and express her heart in ways others can understand. We ask You to bless Julie’s home and that Your holy light and Presence would fill the Dibble home with hope, patience, and encouragement (and mercy, grace, compassion, love!)!

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  4. Julie, your words absolutely pierced my heart and soul. You so beautifully wrote of horrible seasons and times that Christ, and HE alone, can fill parts that seem to pull us from the one truth we’re all trying to find. I believe in medicines available for us~I had seasons of depression and wanted it all to end one time. Lord, may Jackson receive what’s needed to spark his spirit~awaken it so that he can experience a love that might fill a missing part. No matter what, Father, provide what is needed during these seasons. I lift up my sister, Julie, and precious Jackson to you. My youngest son is experiencing similar. He is open now to discussing it and getting the help he needs. I’m so grateful that mental health is no longer a “stigma” but treated as it should~a medical condition like others. May God wrap his loving arms around you all as you growl, grunt,…and then GROW through this season. You have an army of praying warriors and family that love you all dearly. 💛❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

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    1. Dearest Karla, that you took time to read and respond and PRAY for us. I am humbled. What is your youngest son’s name? I will add him to my my groaning heart that God hears even when I don’t have the words.I receive the blessing of His arms, and I thank my Father for gathering a praying army. From one soldier for Jesus to another, I love you.

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      1. Hello again, sister. His name is Jay. I remember your family just as mine. It’s so amazing to have praying friends and a Father who listens and cares. Let’s soldier on sister. I love you dearly!

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  5. Julie, keeping Jackson and your family in prayers. I understand that depression can be one life’s longest seasons (or torment from season to season. One of my family members has been dealing with these personal demons for years. Thankfully meds do help, but sometimes the dam tries to burst from the excessive floodwaters.

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    1. Thank you brother. I thought I responded. Yes depression is ugly but our God is bigger. Have a beautiful night. I will let you know I will be leaving WordPress. Taking an extended break from blogging. I will write a short series of goodbyes on the blog before end of Sept.


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