When Your Feet are Old and Tired

7 thoughts on “When Your Feet are Old and Tired”

  1. I am home and God did a marvelous thing. Still a battle rages but I am content and the peace of Christ reigns in my heart….for the next thing. Still need prayer. God makes sure we always turn to Him and seek His face.

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  2. Julie, what a beautifully written post. I was thinking about how Jesus would wash your feet and kiss the tops of them. In 2000 I broke my big toe on my left foot while hiking. I didn’t realize it at the time. I wore hiking boots and cowboy boots for many years that really messed up my feet! Hence, good tennis shoes and hiking boots now. May your feet be the foundation of your glory and stay pain free as you continue your journey! You are lifted in prayer as you prepare for revival! It’s going to be phenomenal with God at the helm and you as his vessel! I love you, sister.💛


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