To Stay or Go?

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  1. Nice! In Minnesota, the college while in HS thing is called PSEO. Our youngest did that and graduated with a double-major in 2-1/2 years of college. Our middle daughter did PSEO also but went to a trade school (she is a machinist–which is wayyy cool). It did save us money (two classes we did not pay for but she still had to take because the program was a cohort program). Blessings to you Julie on whichever path you choose and blessings to all the changes and challenges your family faces.

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    1. Thank you for sharing Tim. How wonderful both your children could take advantage of PSEO. College is coming quickly for our oldest. Praying God speaks clearly to Braedon about where to go. And I receive all these blessings, for myself and on behalf of my tired husband and young men and pup. May God continue to shower you with His grace and unending love.

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  2. I pray continually that I may be immediately obedient in my emotions and responses, rather than reacting before I pay attention to God. It is a daily struggle.
    God bless you as you find His path for you.

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    1. Thank you for sharing Kathy. Yes, a struggle. You have reminded me I need to pray more throughout the day for such obedience, and not just when a problem arises. I receive this blessing. Asking the Lord to bless you this long weekend. In Christ, Julie

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  3. Hi Julie. Great post. I am okay with you being sparse with your posts as you feel led. That’s what it should be, Spirit led. I can’t read them all but was led to open this one. So exciting that your sons are entering new realms. Be sure to declare God’s will and purpose over them. Call your runner healthy and strong and able to do all through Christ who strengthens him. That’s what Kennith Hagin had to say when God raised him from his death bed and he had to go to work in a weakened condition. He ended up being more capable than his fellow normal workers. Great declarations over your future author.
    For you, it really touches me that you are working with the mentally challenged community. My heart is there too. God bless you. I have learned over the years that our soul is so very important. That’s what needs renewing. It’s the soul that sends out signals to the glands that affect the hormones and chemicals. I know that is a small part of the issue but I feel very important.
    I feel it’s so freeing if the clients who are able can understand that they have full authority over their own souls. Even cases where severe traumas have occurred like rape, abuse-physical, words, neglect, one can be healed. Once they see that toxic memories, emotions can be commanded to be gone from their souls, they can feel gradual and sometimes instant release and peace. Free from nightmares, physical issues and tormenting thoughts will be so well received. This can be prayed over babies and children by their parents as well. It’s a commitment but well worth it.
    You are perfect for this job because of your heart.
    Contact me through email if you need encouragement in the weeks ahead.
    God bless you and all you do.

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    1. Thank you so much, Patti. I thank God for drawing you to this specific post. I appreciate the encouragement to speak over my young men. I agree that tortured souls can be free in the name and power of Jesus. I am trying to get adjusted to the personal care facility requirements. Already next week I will lead Bible study and Lunch Bunch (an idea God gave me). But yes, Lord, please use me in any way You want there. Please Lord, I need You. Thank you for my sister Patti. Please bless her soul with a filling so that she may pour out in whom You have placed in her path. In Jesus name, Amen


      1. Hi Julie. I’m so not techy so I hope I’m answering this correctly. I’m so excited about your new adventure. I absolutely love the name Lunch Bunch. Perfect. You will do fine and God will give you more and more. I just have such a heart for these souls who have battled things like depression, oppression and lots more for decades without knowing the Lord or His love and power for them.

        So good for you


        I’m here if you need encouragement

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  4. “And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men” (Colossians 3:23 nasb)
    Every day I face opposition both in and away from my home. Praise the Lord for the spiritual support of your loved ones.
    The Lord brings this verse to my heart as I read your request for verbal diffusion, albeit, I have not read this one for a while, it certainly applies to every follower of the Lord Jesus Christ. Perhaps this is the one you need.
    What the Lord keeps remind me is that the only rights I have are
    1. I have the right to remain silent (speak only what the Lord tells me and when He tells me)
    2. I have the right to admit when I am wrong. This puts me in a humble place before men and God.
    3. I have the right to exercise the authority to function as my superiors (employers) hired me for and God assigned me to.
    People, all people are hard to deal with at some time or another, and all are broken, whether we see it or not.
    Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you.
    I hope this encourages you.
    Not saying it is easy. It is not easy!

    As for leaving the blog, I left writing on Medium back in January. I left my job in January and my profession, and see no future in returning. I left sharing on Facebook, except for an occasional post, very sparse, I left home for exactly one month in June.
    Each one of these separations was hard and I thought I was giving up. The Lord is always showing me I was Spirit led and not giving up. I was surrendering to His will.
    On your knees girl! Literally, if able. In your heart, always, seek His voice!! He is faithful!! No one can give you the answer except the Holy Spirit!!!
    I will be praying, dear sister!!!!

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    1. Thank you so much Mary. Earlier I couldn’t remember my password to respond here, but thankfully I wrote it down. This wisdom from heaven I will record in my work journal. I need Him so much. Just listened to a Rick Warren teaching on faith tests. I am preparing to preach on this topic, but I too was fed by his message about Noah, Abraham and Moses, Yes to being on my knees. Yes! to my heart seeking His voice, always. Life is just plain hard right now. I know it will not stay that way. Praying for you too Mary.

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      1. Have you listened to or read Oswald Chambers, “My utmost for his highest”? I have it in my email every morning. I have been reading his stuff for years. Always ministers to me. Where the Lord is, is liberty. Thanks for your prayers for me too. We need one another.

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  5. I understand being in transition! I’ve been here for 5 years now. God has you and will carry you to each new day and I’m praying for wisdom and clarity as you take each step w/ Him! God bless you as you bless others!

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  6. I’m so excited for your new chapter at Paxton Ministries. You will get to know my dear, sweet amazing cousin Marla Shaffer. Our Dad’s were brothers. I think she is amazing! and I’m sure your working with her or just meeting her, will be a blessing in your life.

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  7. Life continues to open its transitioning doors. God knocks with new opportunities. From your post, I can feel God working behind the scenes, sometimes quietly and other times more directly. Blessings to you Julie as well as these three important men in your life.

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