The Coming of Christ

Each November, I begin searching out last year’s jingle bells as I hum Silent Night. I mean no harm nor foul to Thanksgiving, but I shall not lie. My heart thirsts for Advent, to retreat within my resurrected heart, to quicken my tarry at the blessed Manger. I shall not lie. Today, my heart is … Continue reading The Coming of Christ

Take Courage

Oh how I love my God! “But Jesus immediately said to them: “Take courage! It is I. Don’t be afraid.” (Matthew 14:27). He used Ms. Cathy Baker and her post to remind me of my given 2021 word. Have you ever stopped and counted the times in one week you have asked the Lion of … Continue reading Take Courage

National Son’s Day

The sons God gave to me and Jason are growing rapidly into young men. I am afraid to blink my eyes twice. Braedon might be married. Jackson might be across the country at college studying physical therapy. I do not claim to know each of their intensely personal dreams. However, we mama’s know things in … Continue reading National Son’s Day

Gabby Petito

My heart is heavy, saturated with sadness. Miss Gabby laid her life out for all to see on social media. At the time, I can imagine her bubbles of excitement to pen her/their story, sharing once-in-a-lifetime pictures. Somewhere in her heart, Gabby was living a dream, the one with potential … that encourages us to … Continue reading Gabby Petito