Lessons in Speaking from the Fireflies

Yesterday, I spoke at both morning services at New Cumberland First Church of God. Those of you who have followed here for awhile may remember blogs on their Worship Nights. A-m-a-z-ing! After lunch and resting with my husband, I headed for my walk in the early evening. In the days prior to speaking, I walked … Continue reading Lessons in Speaking from the Fireflies


Seek Not on Social Media

It’s been a week. You know when one sort of insignificant, correctable thing happens, you go, “Oh God you got this.” You mark it as a prayer request and move on. Then, an unforeseen stress with the potential to impact many. With my sneakers on, I sought our neighborhood’s sidewalks. Before I knew God, walking … Continue reading Seek Not on Social Media

Marriage is

Marriage is an invitation A declaration before God A remembrance of how the two of you were brought together Marriage is the courage to dig deep It is finding JOY in the little things Seeking humor Marriage is staying close in the midst of life's heat In sickness In health Marriage is expecting beauty with … Continue reading Marriage is

What His Trees Taught Me About Appearance, Aging, and Love

For many years, I worshipped the sun. Backyard, beach, bumming a dip in someone’s pool. Golden brown skin was the goal. When you don’t know God, you elevate other things in your life as “holy”. My body was an idol, too. Calorie counting, exercising with specific muscles to improve for their tautness. It was important … Continue reading What His Trees Taught Me About Appearance, Aging, and Love