Numb Prayers

I simply have not been numb much at all since I stopped drinking. Numb is like after the rubbing alcohol evaporates off the wound. A distinct absence of heart strings. Silence in your soul. Numb is mute but usually with lots to share. How does one become numb when they are in Christ, their blessed … Continue reading Numb Prayers

The Night Comes

You could be having the best day ever … night will come. You could close all curtains, pull all the blinds, turn on all the lights in the house … the night will still come, like a thief. I used to fight with night. Insomnia started in my young teens. Worry propped open my eyelids. … Continue reading The Night Comes

God Knows What is to Come

As I prepare an oral presentation for class, I am awe-struck by His sovereignty. Imagine a rear-view mirror. As you look deeply, you see His hand moving people and places around to prepare the way for your present-day life in Him. Christ Himself is in the minute details, subtle nuances. He knows every bead of … Continue reading God Knows What is to Come

Keeping Our Eyes Fixed

Oh how I pray I could look Jesus straight in His eyes tonight. While I am here on earth, developing endurance for this race of faith. As I pray, that subtle yet unmistakable God-breathed wind flows through my soul. Such love empties from Christ when He sees me looking to Him. Have you looked into … Continue reading Keeping Our Eyes Fixed

Our Coming King

The whole earth will acknowledge the Lord and return to Him. All the families of the nations will bow down before Him. For the royal power belongs to the Lord, He rules all the nations (Psalm 22:27-28 NLT). Do we believe this? That Our King is coming? That every knee will bow and every tongue … Continue reading Our Coming King