Jesus, Our First Love

If you could imagine sitting with Jesus right now, what is He saying to you? As His eyes lock with yours, are you leaning in closer? When His hand reaches for you, do you grab hold? A person’s soul is in grave danger when the knowledge of the doctrine surpasses Jesus, avoiding intimate touch with … Continue reading Jesus, Our First Love

When Branches Break

My husband and I hiked a couple weeks back (those who read here often know we love hiking) and found a tree down on the trail. We hiked at that same park last week. The tree was still down. Late last week, I sat on our humble porch (which has become my watchtower). I hadn’t … Continue reading When Branches Break

Bring on, 49!

Bring on, 49! Another birthday means the beginning of a new year. When you serve the God of the Impossible, there is no limit to what you will see, hear, and experience. I have laid fear to rest in its proper grave: Fear of what others think Fear of not belonging Fear of not being … Continue reading Bring on, 49!

On Becoming Teachable

“I can imagine Jesus gathering a group of angels. ‘Who among you has over 200 years of humbling experience? You two, I have an assignment for you. Her name is Julie.’” The first time I gave my testimony at church in April 2015, I shared this scenario. Unsure of how, Holy Spirit had by that … Continue reading On Becoming Teachable