Faith Over Fear

Highly sensitive people are those who feel deeply, who cannot help but notice the needs of others around them. Yes, that is me, too. I wonder how we as highly sensitive people are doing during a pandemic. If it weren’t for God, I would be freaking out. I can remember so many times before I … Continue reading Faith Over Fear

Regular Repentance Part 2

Recently, I have pondered this question: What if you are hurt by another Christian and that person sees/hears no need to repent? You feel deeply hurt, and you see no evidence of true apology or turning away from the behavior. Repentance is a tricky topic. Of course, it is no accident that John the Baptist … Continue reading Regular Repentance Part 2

The Prayer Vigil

Have you ever been to a prayer vigil? I have not. God gave me the word ‘vigil’ yesterday as I was praying for the victims of sex crimes by priests. Vigil, vigil, vigil. Just last week Pastor Shad at Carlisle E-free Church encouraged us to act on promptings from the Holy Spirit. Here I am … Continue reading The Prayer Vigil