This Place: A Poem

There’s this place in my soul Where silence blankets all Stillness Kills the illness Sacred Smooths the jaded Light Melts the fight The dam of night That once blocked the tears I don’t know Where went the echo Empty but full Broken and beautiful Surrendered and sacrificial This place is now and eternal ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thank … Continue reading This Place: A Poem

A Letter to Moms

Dear Moms, I am glad you are here. Summer was sweet, wasn’t it? Oh, I know. It’s not quite over for half of us, but I have seen some of your littles on social media basking in their first day aura. Pool season had its ups and downs. Maybe it included swimmer’s ear, little to … Continue reading A Letter to Moms

As Perfectionism Unravels

Welcome, Everyone! If you have struggled with perfectionism in your life, let me stand with you and put my arm around your shoulder, “Let’s walk this journey together.” Not sure if it was the sermon on selfishness or an online friend giving me feedback … either way I realized I need to let go of … Continue reading As Perfectionism Unravels