Everyday Miracles

Welcome here! We should really have a cup of coffee sometime. I get up early, though. Just giving you a fair warning 🙂  Thank you for visiting and following. It is odd for a writer that your work is sometimes not complete until someone besides you reads it. Your presence and kind encouragement are important to me. The post on … Continue reading Everyday Miracles

Set Your Feelings Free!

In honor of Mental Heath Awareness Month, I am celebrating freedom on the blog this month. A few special author guest posts are lined up. First one is this Thursday. Keep watch! Today, I will share about my tangles with feelings. Friends, have you ever been paralyzed or so overwhelmed by feelings that you would … Continue reading Set Your Feelings Free!

It is for Freedom

Welcome Back! Today marks the beginning of our monthly guest posts to celebrate the Year of Story. I have the privilege of introducing my friend Mara Clements, a caring leader of women at MOPS and another group called Table. Her journey of freedom in the Lord is her blessing for us today: Bio: Mara’s passion is … Continue reading It is for Freedom