A Love Poem

Love is open, like the soft delicate rose petals that stretch wide to accept drops of rain The life-giving water healing the pain Love soaks up the soul food that grows and fills, touching others sweetly Without words Love is shared in a moment She hums, you sing In sync, not symmetric Not the same, but … Continue reading A Love Poem

Set Your Feelings Free!

In honor of Mental Heath Awareness Month, I am celebrating freedom on the blog this month. A few special author guest posts are lined up. First one is this Thursday. Keep watch! Today, I will share about my tangles with feelings. Friends, have you ever been paralyzed or so overwhelmed by feelings that you would … Continue reading Set Your Feelings Free!

Blessings in the Storm

Welcome here on this Saturday afternoon. For us, it is Opening Day. Our youngest plays baseball, and his first game starts in a bit. If it is your first time here, feel free to peek around. There are many different topics and styles of writing here. God has led me to celebrate story, all people’s stories. Each month there will … Continue reading Blessings in the Storm