God is Opening Doors!

Are you familiar with that sense of your world widening? I once heard a speaker ask an entire room full of people, “Do you feel like you are pregnant? That something big is about to take place?” The metaphor of pregnant is not one I choose to align myself with … for more reasons than … Continue reading God is Opening Doors!

Strength in Numbers

Remember Eve? How alone was she? Oh, she was created to be a mate to Adam. But could Adam hear the serpent’s slithery sales pitch? Ssssssso, did God really say? Sssssssee, you can be as wise as God … What we know from Scripture is that Eve listened to the serpent who addressed her. Adam … Continue reading Strength in Numbers

On Becoming Teachable

“I can imagine Jesus gathering a group of angels. ‘Who among you has over 200 years of humbling experience? You two, I have an assignment for you. Her name is Julie.’” The first time I gave my testimony at church in April 2015, I shared this scenario. Unsure of how, Holy Spirit had by that … Continue reading On Becoming Teachable