Are We Humble?

Recently, I watched a political debate. One participant calmly with no emotion and no words played a recording of his opponent’s statement taken out of context of a two hour conversation. The bold opponent came forth with emotion and fact, with conviction and purpose. I know it is hard to look at any situation these … Continue reading Are We Humble?

One Moment

The chain of all and everything that is happening at this moment has never occurred before and shall not ever (Suyasha Subedi, on When I awoke yesterday, I moved freely in the dark. It is like having the house to myself when the boys are still fast asleep, and my husband is not yet … Continue reading One Moment

Seeking His Wisdom

The heart of the wise is in the house of mourning, but the heart of fools is in the house of pleasure (Ecclesiastes 7:4). As I continue to walk with Jesus further and further away from the person I was … I realize how incredibly rich I am. When I met my husband, I was … Continue reading Seeking His Wisdom

Fixing My Eyes

A lost sheep. My eyes darted back and forth for safety, treasure, opportunities to drink (i.e. fun), career success, a place to call home. Frantic to escape the emotional pain. Squatting here and there, forcing myself to belong. Many drunk nights. Broken dreams, absent promises and a soul in need of repair. There was no … Continue reading Fixing My Eyes