Hear Our Prayer, Lord

Dear Lord, We remove our shoes and approach Your feet. We stand in powerful silence before You. After lifting our arms and praising Your holy name, we bow low to the ground. The burden is too heavy to bear, Lord. This plague has not only caused death, sickness, unemployment, depression and anxiety … Lord, it … Continue reading Hear Our Prayer, Lord

On Negativity

Last evening at our worship night, there were guest speakers and dancers from a local church. The one woman spoke freely about how the enemy attempts to distract us. I cannot even remember if she mentioned the usual things like cell phones and worldly ambition because she boldly noted negativity as a distraction … and … Continue reading On Negativity

When His Spirit Moves

Some of you may know I went to New Jersey to speak a couple weeks ago. The event was called the Awakening. Through prayer, I prepared to share testimony and a message God gave me called JESUS: He Who Gives Life Knows Your Name. As staff, other speakers, and praise band arrived, I began to … Continue reading When His Spirit Moves

Fire and Sin

My Spirit is not at rest. Notre Dame in Paris is burning, pieces of the mighty historic Cathedral falling from their prior place in the sky. Ashes descending … a holy place filled with breath-stealing smoke. My heart remembers vividly when a friend texted in the Fall to ask me to pray. In the days … Continue reading Fire and Sin