Who are the Lost?

Though you are well-dressed and manage a large corporation, you may be lost. Though you are happily married and a loving mom, you may be lost. Though you are grieving and lonely, you may be lost. Though you are surrounded by people at work or at school, you may be lost. Though you feel better … Continue reading Who are the Lost?

When One Prayer Lifts You

I guess I thought I had overcome fear of the unknown. For so many years of life without my Lord, I worried about what would happen next, more specifically what would blindside me when I thought everything was ok. Yesterday marked a couple of first’s in our home: Braedon returned to the school building (again) … Continue reading When One Prayer Lifts You

Lord, I Need You

This is my heart today. Anxiety is creeping up the walls of our home like one of those climbing plants that attaches itself to a structure, for better or for worse. Breathe. Pray. Peace like a river, Lord. My eyes sprung open at 3:30am. Too early, I told myself. Whatever am I going to accomplish … Continue reading Lord, I Need You

A Fresh Wind

I was blessed to walk with a sister in Christ yesterday morning. We prayed on the street corner before parting. I asked the Lord to wake His sleepers. Miss Carolyn spoke into my heart’s cry about stagnant Christians, summoning heaven, we need a fresh wind. Yes, Lord! A fresh wind. Bring me back from gray … Continue reading A Fresh Wind

Peace Like a River

If Hope is an anchor, then His peace is a river. At least that is what God has been whispering this past week as I have prayed for others, and as I have prayed for myself. This is what the Lord says – your Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel: “I am the Lord your … Continue reading Peace Like a River