Storms and Football

As His darkened clouds creeped across the sky, seemingly closing the thin line of light, my soul prepared for a storm. Birds squawked and flew in multiple directions. I stood on the porch, unafraid of the hurried wind across my face. I have come to believe in my Spirit, God speaks to us through storms. … Continue reading Storms and Football

When His Spirit Moves

Some of you may know I went to New Jersey to speak a couple weeks ago. The event was called the Awakening. Through prayer, I prepared to share testimony and a message God gave me called JESUS: He Who Gives Life Knows Your Name. As staff, other speakers, and praise band arrived, I began to … Continue reading When His Spirit Moves

God is Opening Doors!

Are you familiar with that sense of your world widening? I once heard a speaker ask an entire room full of people, “Do you feel like you are pregnant? That something big is about to take place?” The metaphor of pregnant is not one I choose to align myself with … for more reasons than … Continue reading God is Opening Doors!

Our Divine Purpose

My heart is heavy for so many believers who feel they are here on this earth without a purpose. It is sad how the devil works overtime to convince God’s children they don’t matter. Let’s set our eyes on heaven, allowing His power to fill our spirits, remembering Jesus has the last say in our … Continue reading Our Divine Purpose