The Rhythm of Abiding

As I prepare for the next speaking event, I spend lots of time alone. I am learning to lean into that time, listening to the voice of Jesus only. Listening to Jesus means letting go of the lie that tells me You are not doing enough. Listening to Jesus means letting go of the lie … Continue reading The Rhythm of Abiding

Suspended Surrender

It’s different from waiting. You haven’t petitioned His throne with any requests. It’s not one moment where you say, “Jesus, take the wheel”. You are not sure where you are going, where He is leading. In your spirit which is His Spirit, you sense change on the horizon, but the horizon is too far off … Continue reading Suspended Surrender

Bring on, 49!

Bring on, 49! Another birthday means the beginning of a new year. When you serve the God of the Impossible, there is no limit to what you will see, hear, and experience. I have laid fear to rest in its proper grave: Fear of what others think Fear of not belonging Fear of not being … Continue reading Bring on, 49!

God Speaks

  How utterly amazing our Mighty God spoke the Creation of the world. “And God said” made light, animals, the seasons and you and me. God directly speaks over 4,000 times in the Old Testament as counted the phrase “thus says the Lord”. How many times did He speak without words? Then, when Jesus … Continue reading God Speaks