Thankfulness Tag

Good morning, Friends, Our Mighty God has blessed me so much these past few days. Kind comments, cards in the mail, a loving husband who is taking me on a movie date today, and this … the thankfulness tag. Thank you, Melissa McLaughlin, for inviting me to join the fun. In case you don’t know … Continue reading Thankfulness Tag

Un-Masked: A Poem

Barricade the real Muster fake zeal Smile to please Hide every hiccup and sneeze The Magic Mask, it fools the wise Tears drop, blood drips, hides the truth in our eyes Better to protect Pretend self-respect   Nobody knows Nor would they care what lies beneath the surface froze They are my demons, my ghosts … Continue reading Un-Masked: A Poem

Christmas Wonder: 2 of 2

Sitting in church this past Sunday, I heard it again. When discussing the four different times Christmas Eve service is offered, the pastor said, “If you are wondering which one to attend, the answer is whichever one you can invite a friend to.” He went on to say that people are more likely this time … Continue reading Christmas Wonder: 2 of 2