Different People, Same Grace

A family of four different people. Stating the obvious does not mean we remember the obvious when we interact. Jason mapped out another adventure. A family-friendly hike at a wildlife preserve on State Game lands. Let’s just say for Action Jackson and Studious Braedon, hiking is not their first choice activity … ever. Jason and … Continue reading Different People, Same Grace

Thanking Jesus First

The first time I read Matthew’s account of Jesus’s death, I was in awe … still am. The events leading to His death: the betrayal of Judas His crooked arrest the mockery were orchestrated perfectly. When I read the Son of God allowed these events, chose to suffer whips and an upright human death … with his … Continue reading Thanking Jesus First

Who Writes Your Story?

There’s always room for a story that can transport people to another place. ~J.K. Rowling Before I became a writer, the word story screamed fiction. Pretending, imagining, drawing others in to dark, fun, scary, blissful places that do not really exist. I read a lot as a kid, mostly fiction. Story has grown in its … Continue reading Who Writes Your Story?