Un-Masked: A Poem

Barricade the real Muster fake zeal Smile to please Hide every hiccup and sneeze The Magic Mask, it fools the wise Tears drop, blood drips, hides the truth in our eyes Better to protect Pretend self-respect   Nobody knows Nor would they care what lies beneath the surface froze They are my demons, my ghosts … Continue reading Un-Masked: A Poem

Where do I Belong?

If we are honest with ourselves, we all want to fit in. It would be our most comfortable way to be in the world if wherever we went, people liked us, and included us in their social and visionary missions. It hurts when: We do our best to comment on other blogs but receive no … Continue reading Where do I Belong?

A Letter to Moms

Dear Moms, I am glad you are here. Summer was sweet, wasn’t it? Oh, I know. It’s not quite over for half of us, but I have seen some of your littles on social media basking in their first day aura. Pool season had its ups and downs. Maybe it included swimmer’s ear, little to … Continue reading A Letter to Moms