Everyday Miracles

Welcome here! We should really have a cup of coffee sometime. I get up early, though. Just giving you a fair warning 🙂  Thank you for visiting and following. It is odd for a writer that your work is sometimes not complete until someone besides you reads it. Your presence and kind encouragement are important to me. The post on … Continue reading Everyday Miracles

His Plan: A Short Poem

Good morning, this inspiration could not wait. My follow-up to the last perfectionism post will be Tuesday. But this … Walking in my neighborhood yesterday and watching all the trees move in His wind … sharing the poem and images with you. Be blessed today. Wind obeys the wave of His hand Trees sway while standing … Continue reading His Plan: A Short Poem

Blessings in the Storm

Welcome here on this Saturday afternoon. For us, it is Opening Day. Our youngest plays baseball, and his first game starts in a bit. If it is your first time here, feel free to peek around. There are many different topics and styles of writing here. God has led me to celebrate story, all people’s stories. Each month there will … Continue reading Blessings in the Storm

When Self Worth Suffers

  Maybe the medical receptionist was rude. She said hello to everyone by name except you. Or perhaps you posted something on Facebook and not one person liked it. Then there are days it seems all the moms in the universe have peace, and you don’t. Like the trunk of a solid tree, my feet … Continue reading When Self Worth Suffers