When God Repairs Your Marriage Before Your Child Gets Sick

21 thoughts on “When God Repairs Your Marriage Before Your Child Gets Sick”

  1. Julie, thank you for sharing so transparently to encourage. I love the truth of victory in Jesus as you stated so powerfully: “In other words, we can tell the mountain to move up out of our way, that we are on a mission to believe Our Mighty God is at work. He never sleeps. He never forsakes. His power is untamable. Death cannot hold Him.” I will keep Jackson and the Dibble family in my prayers ♥

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    1. Thank you dear Jacquie for the gift of prayer. And I am thanking Jesus for any way He wills to use this post. Yes! Victory in Jesus is ours. Some days the fight is harder than others. Sometimes we fall into the dark corner of a ravine, but never fear because His living water reaches there too. Have a blessed rest of this given day, Jacquie

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  2. You, Mr. Jason, and the boys are loved with God’s love my faithful friend. I knew you were in the midst of a trial, and I knew God would see you through it. Little did I know that trial was to prepare you and your family for the one to come. Like y’all, we’ll keep praying you through this one too. God’s blessings ma’am. Good to see a new post.

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    1. Oh J.D. I love how obedient you are to the Spirit whispers. Your email during that trial meant more to me than you will ever know. It is with Christ in me I can do all things, and so can Jason, and Braedon and Jackson, and you and your wife, and your old farm lab buddy 🙂 How may Jason and I pray for you?


  3. Only God! That is THE answer each time we seek Him. Thank you for remaining faithful and for sharing your journey so transparently. I’m sending love and prayers as you seek answers and complete healing for Jackson.

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  4. It is so amazing when we look back and see God’s work in our lives, equipping is for what’s to come. I will pray for your son, and am so happy to hear your marriage has been richly blessed! 🙏💕

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    1. Thank you for the gift of prayer Collette. Our son’s journey has just begun. God’s sovereignty never ceases to amaze me. I am thankful my husband recognized it, too. We both felt His holy orchestration at work. May God bless you this next hour. In Christ, Julie

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  5. Dear Julie,
    I am so thankful that Jesus was there in your midst, restoring you and Jason, and preparing you for the trial ahead with Jackson. That intimacy is such a precious gift in the middle of the trial, both between each other and between you each and Jesus. May the Lord meet Jackson in the middle of this hard place, and may you all feel HIM carrying you through these struggles. You remain in my prayers so much, dear sister!

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    1. Dearest Bettie, I can feel your sincere supportive prayers, and I thank you on behalf of my marriage for your encouragement. We are growing, and may we not stop because of struggle. Have a blessed Sunday sister as Our Father reaches down to your life with every good thing you need today.

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  6. What a beautiful testimony! I am still waiting as trials continue to try and rip apart what He has joined together. God works differently in every situation. My testimony is that though we be estranged and distant, each of us is still in the hands of a loving, merciful Savior. Waiting can be tiresome and lonely, but He fills every void and supplies every need. I continue to stand with you in prayer for Jackson.

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    1. You got it. We both need that prayer!!!! Lord, we come humbled, trusting the Victory You have laid before us. We believe Your will be done for the good of Your people, that includes us and those whom we love. In Jesus name, Amen

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