when you don’t know, ask Him

3 thoughts on “when you don’t know, ask Him”

  1. Amen. Our life sometimes overflows with questions, which may challenge our faith and more. Fortunately, we can always run to God’s Word for answers. Julie, you’ve outlined many Scriptural answers. Grace and peace to you and so many in bringing the Word to others who thirst for answers.

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    1. Thank you so much brother. I am sorry it’s taken me awhile to acknowledge your visit here. My creativity has been in a season of struggle. May God bless you in whatever season He is leading you through and to.

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  2. August…Revival! Yes, Lord!!! Lord, we pray for wisdom. Please wrap my sister in your loving arms. We ask for wisdom in the clanging and noisy world in which we live. May we hear the only voice that matters…You, Father. Julie, exciting things loving your way. Pace yourself in peace, breathe in the Promise that our Great Shepherd is leading you always. 💛❤️🤗 I love you.


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