When You Can’t Pray

7 thoughts on “When You Can’t Pray”

  1. Julie, I’m saddened I’ve missed so much in your family. Please don’t feel pressure to respond to all I have written across your blog. The Lord put you on my heart and I have a burden to constantly lift you and yours in prayer. I hope you feel the love and support. Maby years ago a song stuck in my heart~Hear my Heart ❤️ ~by Sherri Easter. “When there are no words to say and no prayer that I can pray, hear my heart.” Please listen (I’d link it but I don’t know how!). I love you so much. 🎶💛🙏🏻

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    1. Oh dear Karla. So much life continues to roll, in your world and in mine. I want you to know I will be leaving WordPress the end of September. Taking an extended break from blogging. So thankful we can connect in other ways. I will write a short series of goodbyes on the blog before it expires. Love, Julie

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      1. Julie, I felt led to come to WP before I close off technology tonight. And I read this. I believe our faith will always keep us tested ~yet victorious in ways we can’t see or understand. You’ve been in my daily prayers~as all the Dibble men, and Rocko. I know God is using you HUGE even in the trials. I love been reading in Daniel. And I know you know why. I understand the break. I will miss you, but I know that we have a relationship and connection that will carry on. It’s a loss for those that read you~for our community here. Yet I know your work for HIS Kingdom is continuing in everything you do. I love you dearly and I will be continuing prayers and reaching out. 💛💛🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 God bless you. Finding you here has been a huge blessing in my life. You’ve impacted me in ways you’ll never know. I’m proud of you, Julie. 💕


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