Diamond in the Rough: A Poem



Diamond in the rough
Stands out amidst the grit
Twists the appearance
The final judgment

Some see an out-of-season pine tree

My eyes are drawn to the intricacy
A point of stunning beauty
Honoring and abiding with its host
Refusing to steal the entire scene

Do we not all possess such a soul-treasure?

Where I am, so is He
I am nothing which to boast
The graceful lace of the Messiah
Healed my wounds of long ago

My Savior brightly glows through me.

My story reaps and sows by His sovereignty.

It is the mighty essence of His presence who receives the glory.


Happy Saturday! This poem brewed this week and wanted to share for your encouragement. It helps me to remember daily who Jesus is and all He has done for me. Don’t misunderstand me, I still get pulled down by life sometimes. Some days are harder than others. When we stray or fall, Jesus is there while we get back up and climb into his holy arms. Dear friends, what is on your heart? Do you have a true story you would like to share? Or do you need some specific prayer? Either way, feel free to reach me at juliedibblespeaks@gmail.com

I welcome connecting with you in other places, too.





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