Thanking Jesus First

3 thoughts on “Thanking Jesus First”

  1. LOVE THIS!!! Being truly thankful for all that Jesus has done for us is foundational. If we don’t have this truth in the center of our hearts and minds constantly, everything else we could be thankful for seems so petty and meaningless. “But I could not get His death out of my brain. If we know to put Him first and our lives fall into place, God led me to stay true and thank Jesus first in this series.” It really is at the core of all gratitude and thankfulness, when we focus on this everything else does seem to fall into place. Bless your heart JULIE!!


    1. Thank you so much Jamie for being here and for your faith-filled words. I am thankful to God we connected yesterday!!! My cup is still way full from my visit to MOPS. May God bless you and your family today, Jamie.


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