Worship Never Ends, Part 2

Coming undone. Standing before His throne stripped spiritually bare. A holy unravel. Deep in my soul, Spirit stirs slowly like a grandma from Italy turning her wooden spoon in a large pot of tomato sauce. These nudges, this work in me, began during the night of praise and worship at New Cumberland Church of God … Continue reading Worship Never Ends, Part 2


Our God, The Sea: A Poem

Drowning in a disillusion sea Insecurity whines "poor me" Merlot flows, numbing the ocean Bitter waves engulf me Rescue sails by Rock, rock A rhythm With a tail-ripple Wraps my soul I resist I know not this Moon hushes Night is still Beckoning to ... Suspend Self Float atop of Me, I AM's sweeping spiritual sea … Continue reading Our God, The Sea: A Poem