A Letter to Moms

Dear Moms,
I am glad you are here.
Summer was sweet, wasn’t it? Oh, I know. It’s not quite over for half of us, but I have seen some of your littles on social media basking in their first day aura.


Pool season had its ups and downs. Maybe it included swimmer’s ear, little to no vegetables, an overflow of video games, a first date or a marriage.
Whether your children are starting preschool, college or life, isn’t there a tendency to look back. To wonder?
Our mom days are packed full of moments. Jesus, the Redeemer of all mess-ups, gives us every opportunity to straighten out the wrinkled, guilt-drenched pockets of time that spell R-E-G-R-E-T.
In the past when perfectionism ruled my behavior, I felt defeated after the first hint of a parent-child clash or child mutiny, whichever came first. The day was lost if it wasn’t perfect from the start. All or Nothing, Win or Lose.
And if that wasn’t bad enough, when I compared my perceived failures against other women’s award-winning motherhood dazzles … NOTHING good came out of it.
“Less than” and “not enough” begged me to do more and be more. They dictated that I should keep striving and smiling.


When I failed, which I often did, I dragged my feet in shame.


Have your heard these lies?

A mother should be 100% fulfilled by raising children.

If you are a good mother, your children will behave, say please and thank you and always smile for pictures.

Because you are the main caretaker, you should push through any fatigue. Rest is for the weak.

Just sayin’ … life does not give us perfect days, nights or weeks. Our God who is perfect sees our hearts, the ones who cry inside each time our child struggles to fit in or swings the last strike to lose the game. Our God sees our hearts who rally in the middle of the night to counsel the teen or hold the feverish child in hopes you both can sleep. Our God sees our hearts who sink when we realize we squander mom-moments with silly priorities and Pinterest pressures.

As Bones in the movie Mom’s Night Out tells the main character Allie, God made no mistake choosing the children He gave you.

(If you haven’t seen this movie, gather your old enough family and watch it. Thank you, Jesus, for this entertaining, affirming blessing).

We get to be part of God’s work as we roll up our sleeves and dig into motherhood. We get to show our kids how WE are not perfect because nobody is. We get to teach them about Our Amazing Jesus who forgives us when we get all crazy, go overboard and afterward realize we could have walked on water if we just kept our eyes on Him. We get to be filled by Him, filled by the most incredible love and grace upon grace to share with our sons and daughters.

Ladies, what helps me most now as I get ready to send our boys to 7th and 5th grade is remembering they are God’s sons first.

Just as God formed me in my mother’s womb, He formed our boys in my womb.


So pray, pray, pray for your children as they go to preschool and until they retire (from their careers).
Pray to the Spirit for help to let go of all the standards you place on yourself and all the control you think you have over your children.
Pray that last one again.
Literally, release their hearts to Jesus and open your arms wide in the sweet surrender of letting go.

Then rest. Rest is for the wise mom, not the weak one.

Our Lord says in Matthew 11:28,
“Come to me, all you who are weary and I will give you rest.”


He has the never-ending living water that flows to fill us up.


Each morning, love Jesus first and your day will fall imperfectly into place.

When systems break down, talk to the Healer of Broken.

When the dirty bathroom floor is your day’s bottom, ask your Savior to wash you clean and forget about the floor.

When the fiery walls start closing in, have the faith of Abednego in Daniel 3:17. He told King Nebubuchadnezzar, who was getting ready to send him to the fiery furnace that “we do not need to defend ourselves” because God will protect us.

Faith is your mighty shield (Ephesians 6:16).


Just raise it up there, Sister, and be a whole, holy mom who cannot be shaken.


Julie, Your Sister in Christ


I am praying for all moms as I type this last part, praying you are free to be the you He created which means shining with all sorts of Godly talents AND allowing yourself to fall, knowing you have Jesus to pull you to your feet again … and again.

If you need specific prayers, please email me at juliedibblespeaks@gmail.com

If you are struggling hard with perfectionism and control, read Shannon Popkin’s book Control Girl.

Looking ahead, next week we will get to hear from our guest, Sharon Morris. She has a touching story to share. Keep watch.

Until then, know this. I am going live a couple times per week on my Facebook page here https://Facebook.com/jdibble4Him. Short videos geared to turn all our eyes back to Jesus in the midst of life. You can like and follow me there to get notifications of my live posts.

Blessings on your adventure today! Love, Julie


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