Everyday Miracles

8 thoughts on “Everyday Miracles”

  1. Really enjoyed reading this wonderful post and beautiful pictures, radiating God’s love and joy coming from His presence. May God bless you and your fabulous family always. 💖


  2. Thank you Julie for this sweet gift this morning. I, too, have been thinking on these things lately. While I don’t have any definitive answers yet, I am grateful for the questions.
    Blessings sweet friend, Marcie 🙂

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  3. Thank you for letting us peak into your soul. How transparent this poem is and the accompanying pictures are stellar. I can relate to so much and am intrigued by the rest. I think your discoveries are God’s perfect timing.

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    1. So glad God brought you here to share in this walk. The questions are for all who want to be closer to Him and may have different answers in the various phases of your life. May He bless you today, Julie


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