Everyday Miracles

Welcome here! We should really have a cup of coffee sometime. I get up early, though. Just giving you a fair warning 🙂

 Thank you for visiting and following. It is odd for a writer that your work is sometimes not complete until someone besides you reads it. Your presence and kind encouragement are important to me.

The post on forgiveness is coming, I promise. I got sidetracked with a creative uplift 🙂

You know how sometimes you notice things in a sequence, seemingly random, then He brings it together in His light?

God wove these moments into my soul over the past couple weeks:

as five baby birds hatched out of gorgeous turquois colored eggs

as our youngest hit his first in-the-park homerun while I was away at training

as our oldest won numerous 6th grade awards

as my husband and I took nature walks together. the first two in a loooong time

as Memorial Day came and went

as memories surfaced

as the ordinary daily grind stuff seemed to tie everything together.



The infamous lightbulb goes on … or maybe your discoveries are His perfect timing.

His light is an astoundingly bright supernatural source of truth, life, love and hope. It is beyond our control and understanding.

His light is a holy presence that

lives inside of you

surrounds you

heals you

strengthens you.

Sometimes we get hurried, sidetracked and overloaded.

His presence slips through us like an elusive bubble blown by a child.  You catch a glimpse, then poof, its gone.


It is okay. It happens to all of us.

His light is stronger than anything on this earth.

His light penetrates the darkest of souls (Matthew 4:16).

His light reaches the souls who have strayed (Luke 15:7).

His light blesses those who remember to seek Him when the day is done and the kids are in bed (John 1:5).

His light is a call to a different life …  more full of Him (John 8:12).

I have never done a photo essay before. I am not sure if this qualifies.
What matters is my invitation for you to visit my heart where I have discovered soulful joy, and where I have been lonely with blind eyes.

Joy and sadness, both.

I wish I could be a mom to my young boys again where I would be free from depression and bitterness.

Jesus turns water into wine,

and wishes into redemption.

May this post lighten your weight and lift your eyes toward Him.

Where do you seek light?



Where there is dark, there is always light



How do you measure growth?





Have you tapped into your creative side?




What season of life are you in?




What brings you awe?





What in your life is a miracle?





What did you think? Did these questions stir anything in you?

I have been contemplating moments and memories lately. It is a loving, healing process to capture moments, preserve, and share them.

Some moments are sacred, though.

Our Lord arranges these anointed moments especially for us.

In those moments,

just be.

XoXo Julie


8 thoughts on “Everyday Miracles

  1. Really enjoyed reading this wonderful post and beautiful pictures, radiating God’s love and joy coming from His presence. May God bless you and your fabulous family always. 💖


  2. Thank you Julie for this sweet gift this morning. I, too, have been thinking on these things lately. While I don’t have any definitive answers yet, I am grateful for the questions.
    Blessings sweet friend, Marcie 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you for letting us peak into your soul. How transparent this poem is and the accompanying pictures are stellar. I can relate to so much and am intrigued by the rest. I think your discoveries are God’s perfect timing.

    Liked by 1 person

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